Clinique Haul – Ish❤

Hi my lovelies 🙂 

Today I went out to do some Christmas shopping…I love a bit of retail therapy especially when it has anything to do with Christmas!! I only managed to pick up a few things because I already have a serious Missguided clothing haul (post coming soon) and today we mostly shopped for my baby sister who is now beginning to grow up and want make up/perfume/clothes etc 😦 !!

I got 3 products from the Clinique stand in boots, these are only products that I felt I needed because last Christmas my mum put together a box full of Clinique goodies for me and since I only use my good make up for special occasions, I have yet to use a lot of what’s in the box.




I got the Invisible blend blended face powder and brush £21.00 – I decided to go for this because the other powder I used a few years back was discontinued which I was so upset about, the lady recommended this because I will be able to use it with any foundation because it’s invisible so I wont be restricted to only using it with certain foundations. I obviously haven’t tried it because it’s part of my Christmas so I will keep everyone updated and remember to do reviews on these products at Christmas time.

The second product I bought was the Anti – blemish solutions clearing concealer £14.50 – I love this concealer because not only does it conceal any blemishes, but if you have a nasty spot it contains ingredients which when applied to the affected area, will make the redness around the spot die down and eventually help it disappear.

And last but not least, I got the Superprimer universal face primer £20.00 – this is one of the 6 new Clinique primers, the lady told me that I was too young for any of the anti-ageing or anti-redness primers so this is more of an all round primer to help with keeping make up in place etc. 

I have been using Clinique since I started high school and I could not stress how amazing the brand actually is there is genuinely something for everyone and the ranges are very skin friendly in the sense that a lot of Clinique’s products are hypo – allergenic. The skin care range ( cleansers/toners/exfoliators/etc ) are all very soft and gentle on your skin and most of the products are fragrance free which is always a bonus when it comes to allergies. I would highly recommend any Clinique product because most of the make up I own is Clinique and I’ve tried so many of their amazing products from skin care to make up. If anyone else has used any the things I’ve bought let me know because obviously I won’t be able to try them out until Christmas.


Love Lauryn x


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